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Mitch Gibson Joins The Insurance Alliance

Centralia, IL – December 6th – Hey everyone, big news! The Insurance Alliance just scored a major win, with Mitch Gibson joining us as the Head of Technology. Mitch’s got a solid six-year run in the insurance world, but trust me, he’s not your typical tech whiz—he’s on another level.

Let me fill you in on some more background on Mitch—yeah, he’s a graduate of Ball State, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. He comes from a family of eight, and get this, each of them has their own unique sports talent. Mitch has this well-roundedness that comes from growing up in a family of athletes, with many pros among his relatives. That’s why he’s not just your average insurance guy—he’s got that competitive edge and a well-rounded perspective.

“Having Mitch on our team at The Insurance Alliance is like hitting the jackpot,” Travis Etheridge, our Senior Partner, excitedly shared. “His knack for innovation and tech expertise is our secret weapon to stay ahead in this digital era.”

And here’s the kicker—Mitch isn’t just about insurance and tech; he’s the perfect blend of both. He’s the guy who combines insurance know-how with wizardry in tech, and that’s what sets him apart. Plus, his community involvement in Greenfield, Indiana, where he started, it’s more than just business—it’s about weaving connections that matter.

“I couldn’t be more excited to join The Insurance Alliance,” said Mitch Gibson. “Together, we’re about to turn things upside down and set new standards for how technology shapes the future of insurance.”

So, let’s give a round of applause for Mitch Gibson stepping into the role of Head of Technology at The Insurance Alliance. Have thoughts or questions about insurance tech? Reach out to Mitch at 518.532.2277.

Looking Forward

“As Mitch steps into the role of Head of Technology at The Insurance Alliance, our excitement for the future knows no bounds. His remarkable blend of insurance proficiency, tech wizardry, and a well-rounded perspective stemming from his diverse background sets the stage for a transformative journey. We eagerly anticipate a future under Mitch’s leadership, where innovation will be our compass, technology our vehicle, and customer-centric solutions our destination. Together, we’re geared up to redefine industry norms, chart new territories, and elevate the landscape of insurance technology. The Insurance Alliance is on the brink of a groundbreaking era, and with Mitch at the helm, the possibilities are endless.”

For media inquiries or more information, please contact:

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